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Untold Evanston is an ETHS Senior Studies project that is working towards unifying and educating the Evanston community through the art of storytelling. From now until the end of March, the Untold Evanston project will be collecting real-life stories from Evanston citizens. Once all the submissions are in, 7 or 8 stories will be chosen to be performed in a later show. Leading up to the show, the storytellers who have been chosen will participate in workshops to enhance their storytelling skills, in both writing and performance, with professional storytellers from Chicago. The storytellers will then perform their stories in late April or early May where the proceeds from the show go towards either the cause they tell about in their stories or to the charity of their choice.

PROMPT: Write a story about an experience with an issue or opportunity in the Evanston community and its importance to you. 


        Personal narrative (NO FICTION)

        Stories can be submitted in writing, audio, video, or in person

        Approximately 5-7 PAGES if written (we will take submissions that are shorter than this)

        Approximately 5-7 MINUTES if audio, video, or in person (can also be shorter than this)

        Submission deadline: March 30th, 2013 

The prompt shouldn’t be seen as a boundary for your writing, but rather as a jumping point for your narrative. You should interpret the prompt for yourself! Even if you feel that the story is incomplete in any way, whether that be length, detail, or structure, submit it anyway; thats why the workshops are there to help finalize your story and performance. Just make sure the prompt is answered in some way and you answer the main question: WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO YOU?

 Submissions can be mailed or dropped off at 2936 Park Place, Evanston, IL 60201 (mailed submissions may not reach the submission date in time). Submissions can also be emailed to the address  For further information on details and submissions call Anthony at 1-847-951-0160.  Also be sure to like the Untold Evanston Facebook page, follow us on twitter @UntoldEvanston, and to visit the project’s website atwww.untoldevanston.comfor more details. 

Everyone deserves to have their story heard and Untold Evanston wants to help. We will help you get your stories edited, prepared, and performed in preparation for the show, where you can raise money for the charities you want. You can help your cause by literally talking about it!