We’re unbelievably fortunate in Evanston to get such high-caliber people
willing to give up so much of their time to help our community. This is
the sort of place that Evanston is–and just what attracted Andy to
return to Evanston, where he went to school himself.

Why vote for Andy? Let me give you a few reasons.

Andy is a progressive. He believes in community and has been involved in
many D65 and youth programs. Andy is a leader. He has founded businesses
and held many executive-level positions. Andy is a technologist. He has
the credentials and many developed products under his belt. Andy is a
team player. He will work closely with the board and administration to
continue to look for better approaches to the wide challenges our
students face. He will insist on clarity of purpose, transparency, and
measured success in our efforts to make all of our students achievers.

My own civic and business experience with Andy gives me great confidence
that he will be instrumental in our success. Please join me in voting
for Andrew Bezaitis for D202 (ETHS) Board of Directors.

Stel Valavanis