I am writing to express my support for Deborah Graham’s re-election to the District 202 School Board.  During her service on the Board, Deborah has demonstrated a profound commitment to helping all of our kids maximize their potential. She has consistently been willing to ask the tough questions to insure that ETHS is working for all students. Deborah has served as the students’ principal Board cheerleader, appearing at innumerable banquets and events celebrating the success of the students, in all of their diversity. At the same time, Deborah has insisted that ETHS maintain the high academic standards for which it is renowned. She is the only candidate running who voted against the expansion of the freshman restructuring until there is actual data to assess its effectiveness in boosting achievement. Deborah is smart, passionate and a tireless advocate for both excellence and equity. She embodies the essence of what the Evanston community is all about. I urge you to cast your vote for her so that she can continue her outstanding service to ETHS and what it stands for. 

Steve Greenberger