Each year, Evanston taxpayers spend more than $20,000 per student per year for a high school education. With such a big investment, it’s important that we have a school board that operates our District 202 high school in an efficient, effective and transparent manner. On April 9, we will vote for four positions on the District 202 School Board to govern Evanston Township High School (ETHS).  I hope Evanston voters will join me in voting for Doug Holt. 

Doug believes that ETHS should serve as a national model of achievement for all students. He supports measurable strategies and tactics to pursue ETHS goals, including the adoption of evidence-based decision making. Doug would seek to instill a culture of constant improvement and accountability in our high school. 

Doug supports the use of peer-reviewed research and pragmatic approaches to improve the experience of all students. He believes in learning from tested programs and methodologies successfully used elsewhere, and in partnering with credible third parties to engage in new research. 

A long-time Evanston resident, Doug, his wife and their three children (two of whom are currently ETHS students) live the high-school experience day in and day out. As a corporate executive, a member of the District 65 Ad Hoc Budget Committee, a former reporter and a former member of the Peace Corp, Doug brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position. 

Although election day is April 9, early voting starts on March 25. I hope you will join me in voting for Doug Holt for District 202 School Board. 

Virginia V. Mann