Annette Logan for Holmes

I am supporting Alderman Delores Holmes for another term for 5th Ward Alderman and I encourage others to Vote for her in the upcoming election on April 9th.  She has begun a legacy in the Evanston community as a whole and specifically the 5th ward.  This must continue.  The reasons are endless!  First of all her passion, commitment, leadership and dedication to her constituents is very consistent and sincere.  She is very fair with solid values and has the energy and enthusiasm to continue what she started. 

I have known Delores Holmes most of my life and as a youngster we knew her as the woman at Family Focus who helped people.  I grew up in the 5th ward, my parents and older sister went to Foster School and Foster Center (renamed as Fleetwood Jourdain Center) was the place we engaged with our community in all types of activities, from drill team, gymnastics, to roller skating.  If anyone needed help, rather it be economic, emotional, domestic or spiritual, Ms. Holmes name always came up.  People trust her and respect her.   After retiring as the Director position at Family Focus, we worked together as board members of ECDC (Evanston Community Development Corporation).  Our focus was affordable housing, workforce development and economic development on the Westside of Evanston. 

When the opportunity to run was presented to her, she thoughtfully and wisely took her time to consider this large task and eventually made the decision to run for 5th ward Alderman.  Eight years later….well , the rest is history.  I believe that her integrity and strong values is why she is so successful in this role.  In addition to her long history of being an activist for the youth, seniors, education, fair housing and community development.  She is a role model to many in Evanston.  Her monthly 5th ward meetings are very informative and educational.  She ensures that residents have a regular forum to voice their opinions, while learning about City policies and issues that affect people’s lives.   

The 5th ward is benefitting greatly by the NSP2 housing initiative.  Home ownership and rental properties have improved and residents have more options to choose from while neighborhoods continue to  improve.  Church and Dodge is one of Alderman Holmes big priorities for improvement, which is specifically identified in the City’s West Evanston Master Plan.  The plan connects new developments with existing neighborhoods and encourages sustainability, well designed buildings and streetscapes.  I worked closely with Delores back in 2001-2002 and many other community leaders and the City on what is now a “working plan” that needs to be implemented.  Alderman Holmes is the leader we need to keep moving the 5th ward forward in a positive way.  The legacy must continue.   

Annette Logan