Hearing back from the discussions at the candidates’ forum over the weekend, it was wonderful to be reminded of the inclusive nature of Alderman Tendam’s message. Alderman Tendam’s understanding of the issues facing Evanston and the 6th Ward reflect the strong foundations of this great community. Thank you for keeping your campaign positive and on point with the concerns and challenges facing this city in the coming years.

Alderman Tendam’s message of positivity and community were a refreshing contrast from candidate Mark Sloane’s divisive and destructive message which included his tacit approval of a supporter led boycott of a local business, the Old Neighborhood Grill. Is this what we want for our community? Do we want an Alderman who tries to do harm to a local business because they support another’s perspective on Evanston politics?

The choice is clear for the 6th Ward. Alderman Mark Tendam is the right person for the job, again!

Oh, and stop by the Old Neighborhood Grill (ONG) and ask for Big John. Try the Greek Chicken or the Fish Tacos and afterward, you too will be scratching your head in confusion over the Sloane endorsed boycott of ONG.

Chris Van Den Berg