I write in support of Mark Tendam’s candidacy for re-election as Sixth Ward Alderman.  For the last four years, Mark has done an excellent job of responding to the needs of the Sixth Ward, and has been a thoughtful, fiscally responsible voice on the city council.  

He has been instrumental in revitalizing the west end of Central Street, and in saving the Library’s north branch.  From my perspective, he has made a concerted effort to get to know and work with many families in the Lincolnwood School community, and has prioritized reducing crime and improving public safety throughout the city.

I was happy to see that Mark was a strong supporter of plans for an indoor sports center on Oakton Street, understanding the value of additional opportunities for families and children, not to mention the potential for expanding economic development in that neighborhood.

And, I am heartened that he actively supports the preservation of our city’s majestic American Elm trees through a financially responsible inoculation program.

On April 9th, please consider supporting Mark Tendam’s re-election as Sixth Ward Alderman.

David B. Porter