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I would like to remind everyone how important it is to vote on April 9, 2013 because municipal elections really matter. Having qualified and committed leadership on the school board is crucial and that is why I strongly support Gretchen Livingston for re-election to the 202 School board. I have known and worked with her for many years and admire her analytical approach and her ability to focus on solving current problems while at the same time crafting a vision for the future when it comes to issues concerning the school and our community.   

Her analytic thinking is vital to the running of the 202 school board.  It was her leadership that insured that the recent changes in the freshman humanities and biology classes would be properly evaluated by outside experts.

Her thorough and analytical approach will help guide 202 through future challenges. Gretchen’s vision to broaden the partnerships with Northwestern University and Oakton Community College will make a very big difference our community and in the lives of our students.   

Michelle K. Jordan