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I have known Deborah Graham forever, well, at least since 6th grade at Nichols Middle School. Deborah has always been smart and thoughtful. Her long term involvement in Evanston schools as a student, parent of three children and active participant in the PSTA has provided Deborah with a four decade perspective on the community and the challenges faced by ETHS. Deborah’s advocacy for caution in dismantling the longstanding tracking system that groups students by academic performance is critical to the potential success of the reforms. Little data exists at this stage to access the impact of changes already instituted on minority student advancement into Honors, AP level work, graduation rates and college. Conversely, little data exists on the impact of dismantling Honors classes on academically accomplished students who dominated their enrollment. While Deborah Graham recognizes the need for progress in minority achievement, experience has shown that many curriculum changes and institutional reforms fail to achieve progress while causing unintended harm to the system they are designed to improve. By insisting on the collection of statistical data documenting the impact of changes already implemented at ETHS before accelerating their pace, Deborah will ensure that the time is taken to study, test, analyze, and, if necessary, restructure the reforms so that they will achieve lasting progress for all students. I endorse Deborah Graham and ask you to vote for her.

Robert Miller