I am writing this letter in support of Alderman Mark Tendam. My husband Michael and I initially got to know Mark through his involvement with various youth oriented causes including the McGaw YMCA/Project SOAR, the Youth Job Center, and Y.O.U. We were consistently impressed by his thoughtfulness, his extraordinary people skills and his tireless desire to improve the lives of others.

When he told us that he would be running for City Council in 2009 and wanted me to chair his campaign, I did not hesitate. I had seen Mark in action and knew that he would represent our Ward and our City well. Four years have passed and I have not been disappointed. Alderman Tendam has proven himself to be an excellent listener, a bridge builder, an effective advocate for the Ward and a careful steward of the City’s resources.

I am appreciative of the work that Alderman Tendam and the other members of Council have done to make sensible cuts to the budget and bring our rate of spending down (dramatically).

I am, perhaps, more grateful though for the time and attention that Alderman Tendam has spent dealing with the every day issues that impact all our lives. When rats seemed to be invading some of the alleys in our neighborhood, Alderman Tendam worked with City Staff and his colleagues on the Council to change the City’s abatement program to make it more effective.

He also worked with local business owners to ensure that they understood their obligations and were part of the fix. When property crime spiked, Alderman Tendam worked with the Police department to increase patrols in the Ward and worked with neighbors to establish local watch groups.

And when youth violence began spiraling out of control, Alderman Tendam stood with the Mayor in calling for more resources to be devoted to programs for at risk kids. Alderman Tendam understands that providing young people with alternatives and options for their futures is the only way to combat the issue of youth violence in the long term.

I could go on and on but the point, of course, is this: Alderman Tendam is a thoughtful and caring public servant and an effective advocate for the 6th Ward and the City. He has earned our respect and I believe that he has earned another four year term. Please join Michael and me in re-electing Alderman Tendam.

 Anne Murdoch