Thank you for publishing the profiles of the two Sixth Ward Aldermanic candidates in your newspaper. The candidates’ answers to your questions and recent public remarks made by both make it clear that those of us living in the Sixth Ward have the choice of continuing to move forward with an Alderman who is positive, responsive and forward thinking or to opt for someone whose message throughout the campaign has been negative and divisive.

Alderman Mark Tendam has spent the past four years helping to build up businesses on Central Street. He is a uniter who brings people with opposing viewpoints closer together. This has allowed him to bring badly needed improvements to the Ward and it is why he has a solid working relationship with his colleagues on the Council. It is also why he has been able to work so effectively with City Staff (the people you need on your side if you want to enlarge your home, change your driveway or address a problem with an alley or a troublesome neighbor).

I have known Mark for many years and have worked with him on committees at the McGaw YMCA, the Youth Job Center and BeHIV. His passion and commitment to all factions of our community is to be admired. On April 9th, I hope you will join me in voting for Mark Tendam, an Alderman who’s commitment and positive approach have helped to make him an effective advocate for the Sixth Ward.

Maria Ballantyne