Left to right, Chessmen Club president Keith Terry, Lun Ye Crim  (“Lonnie”)Barefield and Dr. Eric Witherspoon, honorees, and Chessmen Club vice president Peter Braithwaite.RoundTable photo

Celebrating their Emerald (55th) anniversary, the Chessmen Club of the North Shore honored Dr. Eric Witherspoon,  superintendent of School District 202 (Evanston Township High School), and Lun Ye Crim (“Lonnie”) Barefield, civic leader and long-time college and career coordinator at ETHS.

Both were honored for their “significant contribution to and impact on the African American community,” said Chessmen Club president Keith Terry.

A video by Susan Hope Engel told the story of the club and some of its honorees. William (“Billy”) Logan was a young police officer when he and fellow officer Andy Rodez founded the Chessmen Club with a “mission to help the youth, the needy and the elderly of the Chicagoland North Shore communities,” said Mr. Terry.

“I know Andy is smiling down from heaven, saying, ‘I knew we could do it,’” Mr. Logan said to the several hundred people who attended the gala and fundraiser.

Over its 55 years, the club has given more than $600,000 in support to college-ready students and has provided thousands of food baskets to the needy and elderly, he said.