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They say that all is fair is love, war and politics.  But we were also reminded during the 2012 election cycle that the voters determine if one of it’s political leaders has crossed a line or done something that does not reflect the values of the community. In our case, the citizens of the First Ward have what has become a clear opportunity to define the character of our community and the nature of political discourse in our city.

Dr. Ed Tivador, who serves as Superintendent of the Northbrook/Glenview School District #30, has devoted his professional career to education. In the past week, members of Judy Fiske’s campaign team, including her campaign manager, contacted school board members of the Glenbrook/Northbrook School District and local newspapers, in a deliberate attempt to undermine his professional employment relationship. “Tea Party” like tactics have no place In the Evanston I grew up in in the 60s and 70s (Would Abner Mikva have allowed his campaign to have done this), nor the Evanston that my wife and I have chosen to raise our kids.

These current actions, combined with her failed alleged voter fraud lawsuit against the City of Evanston and 200 Northwestern students after losing an election in 2005, that cost the City of Evanston and it’s tax payers thousands of dollars in legal fees, demonstrate a pattern of win at any cost for Judy Fiske and her campaign team.

This proves that you should not judge a political candidate by the number of yards signs but by the values they demonstrate during the course of the campaign.  I call on Evanston’s elected officials to publicly condemn Ms. Fiske’s campaign tactics. 

The voters of Evanston’s First Ward have a duty to send a message that such actions shall not be rewarded.  A public servant with a 30-year track record of outstanding leadership, responsible fiscal management and service is the clear choice for 1st Ward Alderman.  On Tuesday, April 9th, please cast your vote for Dr. Edward Tivador.

Peter Lobin