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On April 1 at 4:10 p.m., Evanston police learned that a man had reached into a vehicle that was in the car-wash line located in the 2200 block of Ashland Ave. and took a Louis Vuitton purse valued at approximately $2600 and fled, said Commander Jay Parrott of the Evanston Police Department. 

The victim, a 49 year old female from Wilmette, got out of her vehicle and chased after the offender. The offender then gave the purse back over to the victim and fled, said the Commander. By this time two citizens chased after the offender along with an Evanston Police officer who took the offender into custody. The offender, a 44-year old Evanston man, was charged with burglary for taking the purse from the vehicle, said the Commander.

The man is currently on parole with the Illinois Department of Corrections for the offense of retail theft and a parole violation warrant was issued subsequent to Hatfield’s arrest in this incident, said the Commander.