Mark Tendam has been supportive of the Council’s  major endeavors.  Some examples are: increased water sales, economic development, affordable housing, health care, work force development, activities for teenagers, improved relations with Northwestern University and reducing our carbon footprint.  The results are in.  Approximately $28,000,000 of affordable housing is being built or is already occupied.  Lincolnwood will become a water customer in 2013 and many more cities are likely to be added to the list.  A federally qualified health center is up and running in the basement of the civic center.  Trader Joes opens in October.  There is a lot of exciting economic development.  Hanging out in front of the movie theater until they are asked to move will never again be the main summer activity for Evanston’s teenagers.  Tendam has supported the city’s youth division and public private partnerships for youth.  Curt’s Café is a great 6th ward success.

Tendam delivers for his ward and for the city.

On April 9th please vote for Mark Tendam.


Elizabeth Tisdahl