When I head to the polls next Tuesday to select candidates to fill  
the four vacancies on the D202 School Board, I will not be voting for  
any particular group or slate.  Rather, I will do what I think all  
good citizens should which is to consider each candidate based on his/
her individual merit.  And, with that criterion in mind, I will most  
definitely be supporting Gretchen Livingston.

I say this not only because Gretchen is a personal friend, but also  
because I have seen her in action during the four years she has  
already served on the D202 Board and during the years we both served  
as parent representatives on the D65 Calendar Committee.  While her  
stellar record of volunteer service speaks for itself, here are just  
a few of the qualities I most admire about Gretchen and believe are  
why she has been – and will continue to be – one of the most  
effective members of the D202 School Board:  She does her homework,  
she is resourceful, she asks tough questions, and she’s not afraid to  
challenge the status quo.  As a mother of a daughter with diabetes,  
she has also been a tireless advocate for changes in our schools and  
laws that will ensure that all children with special health needs  
receive the support they need to thrive academically.

Whether it’s working behind the scenes to craft the goals upon which  
ETHS will measure its success going forward or traveling to  
Springfield to find solutions to the urgent funding issues that will  
affect the future quality of education in our public schools,  
Gretchen Livingston is a community leader who is making a  
difference.  On April 9th, I hope you will join me in re-electing her  
to the D202 School Board.


Rhonda Present