As outgoing and recently retired D202 Board of Education members, we would like to express our concern about the upcoming election.
On April 9th voters of our diverse community will select four Board candidates from a slate of eight candidates whose platforms should be familiar to anyone following their active campaigns.
Much of the campaign rhetoric has focused on the Board’s 2010 unanimous decision to restructure freshman Humanities. In spite of abundant research supporting the move to a detracked freshman year, and the extensive bibliography posted on the school’s website, anonymous online postings continue to spout inflamed opinions about the Board’s not using data as the basis for this decision.
This is false.
These discussions have even engendered veiled threats about disbanding the program prior to analyzing the evaluation data that will measure its impact on student achievement.
Long overdue programs designed to include students of color in ETHS’s best classes must not be abandoned in order to return to a system that has failed those students for decades. Based on all of the progress achieved through Dr. Witherspoon’s leadership, it would be devastatingly regressive for students–and shameful for the community–to support anything less than the tenets of the Board’s Equity and Excellence Statement.
Please vote on April 9th for those 202 Board candidates who pledge to support the ETHS Administration’s inclusive efforts to increase academic opportunities for every student: Pat Savage-Williams, Elena Garcia Ansani, Bill Geiger, and Casey Miller.
If not now, when will we get serious about educating all of our students?

Martha Burns(2001-2013)
Rachel Hayman (2005-2013)
Jane Colleton (1991-2011)
Mary Wilkerson (1999-2011)
Missy Fleming (2005-2009)