April 9, 2013 Election Results

With all precincts reporting for the aldermanic elections, the three incumbent aldermen are all winners. Judy Fiske defeated Edward Tivador for First Ward Alderman; Delores Holmes defeated write-in candidate Carlis Sutton for Fifth Ward Alderman, and Mark Tendam defeated Mark Sloane for Sixth Ward Alderman.

In the race for Township Supervisor, it appears the Gary Gaspard has defeated Keith Banks with 52 of 53 precincts counted.

In the hotly contested race for District 65 School Board, Bill Geiger, Gretchen Livingston, Doug Holt and Pat Savage-Williams each have a substantial lead over the fifth closest candidate with 59 of 61 precincts counted.

The election returns reported below are unofficial results reported on the Cook County Clerk’s website at9:45 p.m.

School Board, District 202 (top four win):

Elena Garcia Ansani: 2,649

Andy Bezaitis: 2,655

Bill Geiger: 4,061

Deborah Graham: 2,201

Doug Holt: 3,405

Gretchen Livingston: 3,603

Casey Miller: 2,676

Pat Savage Williams:  3,180

% Votes Counted: 59 of 61 precincts

Alderman, First Ward:

Judy Fiske: 608

Edward Tivador: 470

% Votes Counted: 4 of 4 precincts

Alderman, Sixth Ward:

Mark Tendam:  1,101

Mark Sloane:  565

% Votes Counted: 8 of 8 precincts

Alderman, Fifth Ward:

Delores Holmes: 338

Carlis Sutton: 0

% Votes Counted: 4 of 4 precincts

EvanstonTownship Supervisor:

Keith Banks: 1,982

Gary Gaspard: 2,619

% Votes Counted: 52 of 53 precincts

School Board, District 65 (uncontested):

Candance Chow: 4,755

Claudia Garrison: 4,736

Suni Kartha: 4,510

Tracy Quattrocki: 4,970

% Votes Counted: 59 of 61 precincts