On April 8, at approximately 4:39 p.m., Evanston Fire & Life Safety Services fire companies responded to a fire in a basement of a single family home at 1713 Dempster Street. 

The nanny who was at home with a seven-year old child heard the smoke detector. Smelling smoke; she quickly exited the home with the child, while calling 911. 

First arriving fire companies also received a report of a possible victim in the structure, and with four of Evanston’s companies committed on prior Emergency Medical calls; the fire was raised to a first level MABAS Box Alarm for change of quarters companies only. 

The fire, which was located in the basement was quickly extinguished and thus confined to the area of origin (clothes dryer and attached cabinets). A primary and secondary search found no one in the residence. 

 Thanks in part to working smoke detectors, the quick thinking of the nanny and the fast response of fire personnel, the fire was brought under control with minimal damage to property and no report of injury.