Evanston Township High School seniors Marc Bouchet, Laura Goetz, David McDonald and Dina Sinclair were among 13 finalists for this year’s Junior Science and Humanities Symposia. Finalists participated in one of two sections in the state to determine state winners who have the opportunity to compete in the national and international symposia.

Laura Goetz and David McDonald each qualified for the National Junior Sciences and Humanities Symposium after winning second and third places respectively at the regional level. Both were awarded monetary scholarships and earned trips to Ohio for the national competition in May.– Marc Bouchet’s research involved making new types of multi-layer organic solar cells.

– Laura Goetz’s work involved identifying genetic modifiers that are related to Huntington’s disease, using C. elegans (microscopic worms). 

– David McDonald’s research involved stratification and segregation of granular solids in heap formation. 

– Dina Sinclair’s research investigated properties of oscillating water droplets at high frequencies, and the patterns of Faraday waves that resulted.

In the past 13 years, ETHS has had seven state winners and two students who went on to represent the U.S. in London, England.