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The City of Evanston’s Forestry Division has compiled a list of trees to be removed in the coming months.  The majority of the trees on the list are ash trees which are infested with the Emerald ash borer (EAB) to varying degrees, and are located on parkways and in parks citywide. Forestry staff has prioritized the condition of all the trees on the list and will be removing the trees with the ones in the worst condition first.

This list is constantly changing as staff continues to remove trees and mark new trees for removal on a daily basis. Staff will re-issue an updated list monthly and post it at www.cityofevanston.org/forestry so residents can keep track of any additional trees to be removed in their wards.

Additionally, the Forestry Division currently has a backlog of over 600 stumps citywide, all from trees removed in the second half of last year or earlier this year. It will probably take until mid to late summer to remove all of these stumps.  The city will contract out some of the stump removals this spring to an outside vendor to help speed up the process. After the stumps are ground up, a separate Forestry crew follows up, usually a few days later, to remove the grindings and restore the parkway with new soil and grass seed.

As for replanting new trees, the current wait between a tree removal and the planting of a new tree is approximately two years. This is directly due to the removal of far more trees than staff can plant on an annual basis. This has been the case since 2011, so the planting list continues to grow each year.

The Forestry Division anticipates this trend to continue for the foreseeable future due to the exponential spread of EAB. Staff has been able to secure grants in 2011 and 2012 to supplement the tree planting budget, and the city has applied for two additional grants already this year.

The list is sorted by ward, and then by address and can be found here>>>.