Over the past year, the City of Evanston has been working with the State of Illinois on the Local Debt Recovery program, a program in which the city can intercept state income tax refunds to cover debts owed to the city. The first step in using this process will be the collection of overdue parking tickets. 

In conjunction with the City of Evanston’s participation in the state program, the city has announced a one-time program which waives all late fees on outstanding parking citations that were incurred during the seven years prior to September 30, 2012.

The city has contracted with Professional Account Management, LLC to mail out notifications to those with outstanding parking tickets. To qualify for this offer, payments must be received by June 30, 2013. About 40,000 accounts are eligible for this program totaling about $2.7 million.

Currently, the city uses third party collection agents. However, since the city does not report scofflaws to credit bureaus, collection efforts are limited to an aggressive communications program along with the city’s ability to boot vehicles. 

After the deadline for this one-time parking ticket collections program, those individuals who did not participate will have their accounts submitted for state income tax refund interception through the Illinois Local Debt Recovery Program and all late fees associated with these delinquent parking tickets will be reinstated.