Paul D’Agostino, Assistant Director of Public Works/Forestry.Submitted photo

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City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz has reorganized  the City’s Department of Public Works and its Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services. The reorganization resulted in the transfer of certain responsibilities and in new appointments.

Paul D’Agostino, formerly Superintendent of Parks/Forestry & Facilities Management, has been appointed Assistant Director of Public Works/Forestry.  His responsibilities in facilities maintenance were transferred to Streets and Sanitation Superintendent Jim Maiworm. Mr. Maiworm has been appointed Assistant Director of Public Works/Operations and Facilities. Mr.  D’Agostino’s responsibilities for facility planning were transferred to City Engineer Homayoon Pirooz, who has been appointed Assistant Director of Public Works/Engineering and Infrastructure.

“These changes are being made to provide additional management resources to our forestry operations. Mr. D’Agostino’s expertise is in forestry and Evanston needs him to devote his full attention in addressing the critical issues facing our city’s urban forest. … The transfer of facilities maintenance and planning operations to Mr. Maiworm and Mr. Pirooz are very complementary to their existing responsibilities. I look forward to working with them and Director Robinson as they work to maintain and plan for the improvement of our city facilities,” said Mr. Bobkiewicz.