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I, like all of you,

While not lost for words

Am at times lost for knowing.

Words alone

Cannot take us to where we need to be

To understand

The vastness of being

And the dusts of us.

I, like all of you

Am full of wonder –

And wondering.

The languages that we know

Cannot explain creation

Nor can our minds

Pull apart any single or a hundred stars

To find the pulse of love.

I, like all of you –

And every human breath,

Without belief

Cannot sense my meaning.

All I can do is be,

Hoping my not knowing

Keeps moving me

Into becoming.

I know – at least,

Like all of you,

And gratefully so –

I can not do that


If, somehow,

We could recognize our Oneness,

Accepting our unknowings

And our differences,

Our dusts may catch the sun

And violence among us

May find another voice

As we discover

The beginnings of love.