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The Evanston City Council approved the purchase of a 17’ utility boat by the city’s Recreation Division to enhance some of its lakefront summertime aquatic programs. The boat, a Boston Whaler, includes a trailer and cost $31,340. The Recreation Division currently has two other power boats that will continue to be used for lakefront aquatic programs.

By adding a third boat, more people will be able to participate in the aquatic programs each session. Tubing and water skiing are the most popular aquatic activities.  With an additional boat to rotate into service, the usage of any one boat will decrease, which will decrease the amount of maintenance downtime for each boat and lessen the impact of downtime on the program.

“As our programs and camps become more and more popular, we must be flexible to accommodate that increased interest. The Youth Aquatics Camp is one of the most exciting and popular camps and currently has as a significant waiting list,” said Doug Gaynor, Director of the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department. “Water skiing, tubing, fishing, canoeing and swimming are just a few of the activities that the campers can experience. We are excited and pleased that the City Council has approved this new boat, as it will enable us to include many more youth from the waiting list into these camp sessions. In addition, the many teens and adults who participate in Aquatics Camp programs also will benefit from this new acquisition.”

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Thanks to the addition of the Boston Whaler, a new tubing program will be offered and the adult, teen and parent/child aquatic camps will be able to expand, thereby adding to the department’s revenue and offerings of new creative programming. Staff projects that the expansion of the aquatic programs will serve approximately 80 additional participants.