Ridgeville Park District is starting an outdoor youth basketball league to give teens and pre-teens a structured outlet during the summer months. The league will consist of 6-8 teams made of kids 11-14 years of age. Games will be played between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. (June 25th-July 25th) at Ridgeville Park (908 Seward St.) and Kamen West Park (Asbury and South Blvd).

The league will be run by two coordinators with deep ties in the Evanston community. The coordinators will supervise a group of referees and volunteer coaches who are committed to creating a safe, positive environment that fosters good sportsmanship and teamwork. Overall, the program reflects Ridgeville’s continuing mission of improving the south Evanston community by offering structured recreational outlets for the youth in the neighborhood.

For more details on the program, including registration details, please visit: www.ridgeville.org/basketball. Individuals interested in volunteering as a coach, should contact Brian Rosinski, Director of Parks and Recreation, at 847.869.5640; parks@ridgeville.org