Evanston Police have arrested and charged a 23-year old Evanston man with aggregated discharge of a firearm at a Chevy Blazer that was occupied by several males, said Commander Jay Parrott of the Evanston Police Department.  The incident occurred on April 24 at approximately 4:10 p.m. in the area of Simpson Street and Darrow Avenue, he said.

When police responded to the scene on April 24, they located two witnesses who observed the incident, said the Commander. One witness, a college police intern, was able to identify the man who shot at the vehicle, said the Commander. Police were able to obtain a statement from the man who admitted his involvement in the shooting, said the Commander.

The shooting appeared to have been prompted when one of the occupants of the Chevy Blazer yelled at a man who was walking down the street. The man pulled out a gun and fired several shots at the vehicle, said the Commander.

 The men in the Blazer did not come forward in the investigation to cooperate with police, said the Commander.  Police as of this point have not been able to locate the handgun used in the incident, a .380 caliber semi-automatic.