Elizabeth Stanton believes in the power of sport to transform lives. Her documentary photo project Through Her Eyes, which seeks to promote athletics for women and girls worldwide, will be showcased in the lobby of the YWCA Evanston/North Shore from April 29 to May 10, 2013.

“We are excited to exhibit Liz Stanton’s photographs because her work is aligned with ours,” said Karen Singer, President/CEO of the YWCA Evanston/North Shore. “Sports empower women and girls. Participation helps break gender barriers and changes both the way society views women, their roles and the way they view themselves and their potential. And studies consistently show that girls who participate in sports are healthier, get better grades, are more likely to graduate and have higher self-esteem than girls who do not.”

The goal of Stanton’s work is to bring awareness and support to sports for girls and women around the world who live in countries where there are barriers. “You can’t be what you can’t see,” says Stanton, and in many developing countries women face barriers getting into sports. This means that they miss out on the health benefits, confidence, and character building aspects of athletics. They lack role models.

Elizabeth Stanton recognized these barriers and chose to use art and media to explore, report and record the issues these women face by documenting their stories in the Through Her Eyes project.

“I can confidently say the skills and lessons I learned at an early age from playing competitive sports have made me into who I am today and serve as a daily driver of my confidence and positive outlook on life,” says Stanton. Stanton, who was a three sport athlete at ETHS, is also an accomplished journalist and recipient of the 2012 YWomen (the YWCA’s annual leadership awards for women) Lorraine H. Morton Young Woman of Promise Award.

About the YWCA Evanston/North Shore:

The YWCA Evanston/North Shore’s mission to eliminate racism and empower women has been put into practice in the Evanston/North Shore community since 1931. Today, the YWCA Evanston/North Shore focuses on ending violence against women and children; nurturing women’s economic empowerment and leadership; fostering racial, gender and economic equity; and empowerment through aquatics. For more information, please visit their website at: www.ywca.org/evanston, Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/YWCAEvanstonNorthShore and Twitter at: https://twitter.com/YWCAevanston.