Evanston, IL (May 3, 2013) – Evanston Community Television’s Board of Directors is asking its members as well as art, business and community leaders to consider applying for a seat on the ECTV Board. This is especially important in the context of the local and national economy.

ECTV is one of the few fully-functioning, local access cable stations in the country that is providing high quality facilities and services to the public. This includes a new professional television studio and control room, editing suites, a sound room, tapeless video cameras, classes, children’s video camp, high school and college internships, as well as production services for school D65, the City of Evanston and for the public.

In order to maintain this level of service, ECTV is looking for highly qualified candidates with a genuine passion for the station and the First Amendment and who can offer legal, financial, business, fundraising and grant writing expertise. There are two elected 3-year terms open and four 1-year appointments. Requirements for Board members are as follows: 1) Become a member of Evanston Community Television; 2) Attend an Introduction class or private tour of the facility; 3) Have comprehensive understanding of the By-laws and Policies and Procedures;

4) Attend monthly Board meetings; and 5) Participate in fundraising activities. Additionally, you must serve on one of the following committees: Finance, Executive, Membership, Programming and Operations, Fundraising/Grant Writing, Public Relations/Marketing or the Nomination Committee.

Interested persons may stop by the station or give ECTV a call at 847-869-2510 or email twalker@ectv.com, to set up an appointment for the free introductory class/tour and to request an application. Be sure to identify yourself as a potential Board applicant. The deadline for nominations is June 3, 2013. Voting ballots will be sent to membership at least thirty days before the ECTV Annual Meeting, which will be held on Thursday July 11th, 2013. Results will be announced at the Meeting.

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