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The District 65 School Board opened discussions about how to go about preparing a new multi-year strategic plan this fall. The current five-year strategic plan was adopted in March 2009, and covers the school years 2009-10 through 2013-14. One of the three-year goals adopted by the Board on Aug. 2011 is to prepare a new strategic plan to commence with the 2014-15 school year.

At Board President Tracy Quattrocki’s request, Board member Candance Chow outlined a proposed process to prepare a new strategic plan. Ms. Chow provides strategy, growth and operational consulting to nonprofits and early stage businesses in her professional practice. The two-page outline was presented to Board members at their May 20 meeting.

The outline proposes:

• A Steering Committee of six to eight members would oversee and manage the organization and execution of the strategic planning process.

• A Planning Team of 25-30 members would define/refine values, beliefs, mission and vision as well as strategic priorities and goals.

• Action Teams of five to seven members (including members of the Planning Team and other experts and educators) would flesh out performance objectives and targets in each of the strategic goal areas.

• A facilitator would be recommended by the Steering Committee, subject to approval by the School Board.

The outline proposes that the Steering Committee be formed this summer and that research and planning be done this summer. The Planning Team would meet in October – December. The Action Teams would meet in January and February 2014. The Strategic Plan would be submitted to the Board for approval in March 2014. 

The Board is scheduled to continue its discussions about the proposed planning process at its next meeting.