It probably has been doctored.Photo by Mary Mumbrue

… that the CTA has begun its repair work on the Davis Street CTA viaduct, between Benson and Elmwood, and the work will likely continue through June 10. The work includes repairs to the viaduct’s north and south abutments. Folks can expect some noise. The work times are to be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Mondays through Fridays, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. Watch for little inconveniences, such as parking restrictions and narrowed sidewalk access, but there will also be flaggers to assist pedestrians and vehicles through the congestion.

… that there were two power outages in downtown Evanston last week, one at 909 Davis and the other at Maple/Benson/Clark. Cause as yet unknown.

… that four peregrine chicks have hatched at the Library. Watch for the banding and assessment of these new chicks by specialists from the Field Museum (and their naming by Library personnel).

… that state climatologist Jim Angel of the Prairie Research Institute reports that April was the fourth-wettest on record for Illinois with 6.90 inches of rain – 3.13 inches above the long-term average of 3.77 inches for the month.

Dr. Angel also reported, “There were two major impacts of the wet April. One was widespread flooding on the Illinois, Wabash and Mississippi Rivers and their tributaries. … The second impact of the wet April was the delay in fieldwork. In the April 29 U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service report, only 1 percent of the corn crop was planted, compared to 76 percent last April.” The statewide average temperature was 50.1 degrees, 2.3 degrees below average.

… that the City will apply foaming herbicide to approximately 40,000 feet of storm sewer and combined sewer mains to prevent the growth of tree roots into the sewers. The ones that need root treatment are identified “through other operations and maintenance activities,” according to the City, and are treated on a three-year cycle. The City expects that work to be completed by the end of July.

 … that, speaking of water and sewers, the City will purchase two 16-inch-diameter control valves (at about $21,000 each) to be installed on the discharge lines of the backwash (filter-cleaning) pumping system. According to the City, “This process is most efficient when the backwash pumps start against a closed valve that is gradually opened. Doing so reduces starting stress and power demand on the pump motors and allows a controlled increase in backwash water flow. Proper control of backwash flow prevents filter media loss, reduces wear and tear on the equipment, and ensures high finished water quality.” These two new control valves, to be purchased from Swanson Flo of Syracuse, N.Y., will be the City’s first. 

… that Chicagoland Paving of Lake Zurich will have the City’s motor-fuel-tax resurfacing contract – about a million dollars. The project, according to the City, “includes underground utilities repair, street base repair, ADA-accessible ramps and new asphalt surface.” The street segments selected for the project were OK’d by the alderman of each affected ward and by the City Council. Here’s the list:

Elinor Place from Ashland to Wesley; Forest from Keeney to Kedzie; Forestview from Grant to Colfax; Greenleaf from Chicago to Hinman; Lake from Elmwood to Sherman; Lee from Michigan to Sheridan; McDaniel from Church to Lyons; Oak from Greenleaf to Crain; Princeton from Central to Dead End North; Sherman from Greenwood to Lake; Washington from Ridge to Chicago and from Dewey to Asbury.

… that Chicagoland Paving will also have the contract for rehabbing the Central/Stewart parking lot. The sidewalks on Central and on Stewart will be “replaced with porous concrete around the parking lot,” according to the City. There will also be bump-outs on Central and on Stewart, and a bike shelter will be installed on Stewart just north of Central.

 … that whoever the artists will be at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center next year, they will have a newly repaired roof over their heads and safer chimneys. G.A. Johnson & Son on Foster will do the repairs,. This company, more than 100 years old, built most of the train stations in Evanston along what is now the Metra (Union Pacific) line. Here is part of the scope of the work, according to the City: repairing nine masonry chimneys by rebuilding brick, stripping paint, repointing and replacing chimney caps; replacing the roof in its entirety (both steep-slope and low-slope); repairing the existing wood deck and rafters and providing attic ventilation; rebuilding and painting damaged exterior wood soffits and any other associated components, including gutters and downspouts.

… that Council has recommended that Quality Restorations of Wood Dale get the contract for repairing the façade of the Sherman Avenue garage for about $317,000. Here’s what the City says: “In order to maintain the Sherman Plaza Garage, keep water from entering the building and provide a safe and healthy facility for occupants and the surrounding public, the City needs to make repairs to the pre-cast wall panels, cast-in-place wall sections, concrete masonry unit walls, aluminum decorative panels, curtain walls and copings of the building.” Seems pretty soon after construction to have such major repairs needed.

… that the sign above graces one of the City’s alleys.

… that the City will sell at auction the following vehicles from its fleet, all listed as “surplus,” which seems to be code for “in poor condition or worse”:  a Ford F-350, a Ford Excursion, a Vermeer brush chipper, an I.H. (International Harvester) 4900 and a Ford Ranger.

…that the City will purchase a Ford Expedition for the police department from Golf Mill Ford of Niles for about $35,000.

… that, (speaking of food emporia), the City will relax its off-street-parking requirement for a new restaurant, Peckish One on Howard Street – reducing the number of required parking spaces from eight to zero. Peckish One proposes a Type 1 (sit-down) restaurant, with a micro-brewery in the rear and an outdoor patio/seating area. The City says it feels there is plenty of parking on that section of Howard (near Callan), but will require that employees not park on the street and that Peckish One lease eight parking spaces nearby.

… that it’s now finally sidewalk café time. JT’s Bar & Grill, 1639 Orrington, and the World of Beer, 1601 Sherman, have received Council (and therefore health department) approval for their sidewalk cafes. Look for more as the warmer weather chokes us into summer.

… that, looking to next fall, the Evanston Wilmette Golf Course Association’s wishes to continue to park cars on holes 1, 2, 11 and 12 of the golf course during Northwestern University home football games: Sept. 7, 14 and 21 and Oct. 5 and 19. The parking would begin three hours before a game and end two hours after the game. Here’s a curious addendum from the City: “Note: Holes have been renumbered but are the same location as previous.”

From our readers: TG: Thanks for photo and nudge in the May 9 paper. – Wally Bobkiewicz

From TG: TG appreciates the acknowledgement, Mr. Bobkiewicz, as well as the note you forwarded from James Maiworm of the City’s Public Works Department, saying, “We adjusted the sign in the photo at Emerson and Clark so it seems to work correctly now instead of the contradictory information it was showing.”

TG: A rather clueless first-time mom goose has laid eggs on top of the new Leeds building on Maple Street. Geese mate for life, so she stands there waiting
to be fed. When the goslings hatch, she and her mate will walk them off the side of the building to try to get them to water. We need a community rescue effort. Someone has to check regularly, and we would have to move in to get the little ones to the ground and shepherded to the lake. I don’t know how to do this.   – Susan Bradshaw

From TG: TG is also clueless on this but will pass along to Ms. Bradshaw any reasonable ideas from readers. What’s good for the goose is good for the gosling.

The Traffic Guy thinks …

… that it’s a good thing the City aligned the two contradictory directions on the traffic light on Emerson. TG wonders, though, what the City should do with the “No Dumbing” sign? Maybe it should be moved to one of the schools?

Have a good and safe Memorial Day, everyone.