June 8, three local art groups: Art Truck, Artist Seeds, and Space 900, are joining forces to hold a celebratory evening of art and community in the burgeoning Artists’ Row neighborhood in central west Evanston. ART TRUCK, which launches the evening, is a biannual event on Ashland Avenue between Crain and Greenleaf, where local artists are invited to hang their art in a rented UHaul Truck for an evening. Artist Julie Cowan manages the Art Truck event.

This is the first collaborative event of its kind in this neighborhood, which has been slowly gaining energy as a visible arts district in Evanston. From 7 to 11 p.m. on Saturday June 8, the evening will include open studios, art exhibitions, music and poetry performances and shared refreshments.

ARTISTS SEEDS, located at 1402 ½ Greenleaf St. (around the corner from Art Truck), is the creative studio for artist Jill King and poet Alice George; both will be presenting their art and poetic works.

Sharing the same building is SPACE 900 at 1042 Wesley Ave., a newly relocated art collective and gallery. Space 900 will have on view works from the six core visual artists as well as live jazz from Donovan Mixon, who makes Space 900 the home of his Jazz Play Studio.

Over the last few years, this neighborhood often referred to as “Artists’ Row’” has been gaining momentum and attracting new businesses. The groups involved in this Art Hop intend for the June event to be the first of many collaborative community efforts to nurture positive relationships for the neighborhood’s residents and strengthen Evanston’s arts presence on the whole. For more information about each of the participating groups, please visit: www.arttruck.org, www.artistsseeds.com, and www.facebook.com/space900

For more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact Lea Pinsky at 773-895-4484 or space900gallery@gmail.com