The Evanston Police Department Chaplain/Clergy team honored the dedication and commitment of the City’s law enforcement officers on May 30 in a ceremony that took place in front of the Police Department at 1454 Elmwood Ave.

Police officers lined up on Elmwood Avenue in front of the police department. In their honor, many firefighters lined up behind them and to their left.

 Joey Rodger, Chaplain, said, “I would like to offer a salute to you … to your dedication to the peace and safety in Evanston. We salute what you bring to this work … We salute that you bring in your hearts the desire to keep all people safe despite dangerous circumstances.

… We are committed to you. We thank you for your commitment to us.”

Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl noted that on a nationwide basis, more than 18,000 police officers have been killed in the line of duty since records have been kept, including three police officers in Evanston. She proclaimed May 30 Police Day and said she “publicly saluted the law enforcement officers in our community and across the nation.”

Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein, Chaplain, said, “Police officers put their lives in danger every day.” Noting that 121 police officers across the nation were killed in the line of duty last year, he said, “Thank God no one in our department was killed.” He said after every roll call he was privileged to attend, he told the officers, “Stay safe.
Come home to your families.”

Father Robert Oldershaw, Chaplain, who officiated at the event, said, “Thank you for your presence. Thank you for your service.”