The dogs are in the dark. RoundTable Photo

… that a third bird has joined those in the trees in the parkway along Lee Street beach.

… that through June 14, Asbury between Green Bay and Emerson and between Church and Emerson Street will be closed while crews rehabilitate the 72-inch/60-inch-diameter sewer on Emerson between Ashland and Ridge, using the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining process. Crews fit a flexible lining into the existing pipe then flood the pipe with hot water to “cure” the lining. Folks may smell the chemical styrene, which, the City says, “is not dangerous at the levels at which people can detect it. If you smell the styrene while the contractor’s personnel are working in your area, do not be alarmed. To help prevent the smell from occurring in your building, pour a gallon of water into each basement floor drain. This keeps the trap full and prevents sewer gases from coming into your building. Because the water in the drain trap evaporates, this practice should be done regularly.” The jury is still out, however, on whether – and in what amounts –
styrene is a carcinogen.

… that Asbury both north and south of Emerson will be closed to through traffic. Folks wanting to get downtown in cars are advised to use Church; southbound trucks will be shunted off at McCormick. Traffic on Emerson between Ridge and Wesley will be reduced to one lane in each direction, and the traffic signal at the Emerson/Asbury intersection will be turned off, thereby allowing Emerson Street traffic to continue through the intersection. The work will be 24/7, in two separate five-day sessions. Questions should be directed to Mark Steinbuck, Sewer Division Supervisor, 847-448-8219.

… that, between June 12 and July 15, traffic on Prairie  between Central and Grant will be reduced to only one lane of traffic with a flagger on site to direct traffic. Sewer work. Same as above, only 16-hour-days rather than 24/7.

… that the Evanston police netted a few scofflaws during their “Memorial Day Enhanced Traffic Enforcement Campaign:” The haul was 64 seat belt citations, one DUI, five uninsured motorists, four speeding citations, one drug arrest, 23 cellphone violations and 14 other violations.

 … that, speaking of cellphone violations, the City’s ban on using hand-held cellphones while driving began its third year in March. The Evanston Police Department’s traffic data “shows a 17 percent reduction in all roadway crashes from 2009 (before the ban) through 2012, with 416 fewer roadway crashes in that time period. More critically, Evanston has experienced a significant reduction in injury crashes: a 14.5 percent drop from 2009 through 2012.” The EPD concedes that it is difficult to make a causal connection but says at least the ordinance educates drivers and increases awareness about distracted driving.

… that, speaking of signs, TG hears that another sign that TG derided has been changed. What used to read “Please Eliminate   Dogs    Litter” now reads “Please Eliminate     Litter.” The “Dogs” has been painted over.   …

… that the City’s Fire and Life Safety Services has a new ambulance; it was put into service last month at Fire Station 2, 702 Madison, with the moniker of Ambulance 22. It will be staffed with two firefighter/paramedics and will have advanced life support equipment. The City reports that last year F&LSS responded to a record 9,330 service calls, 5,824 of which were for emergency medical services. Fire Chief Greg Klaiber says the City’s ambulances averages about 16 calls a day and have a life span of about 13 years. 

… that, speaking of fires, TG hears that firefighters responded to a blaze in a garbage cart in an alley last month. The entire cart melted. Fire Division Chief Tom Janetske told the RT last month that, although the cause of that fire had not been determined, it was not likely caused by someone’s tossing a spent cigarette into the cart.

… that a drive to hault the sale of the Clark Mansion has already garnered 450 supporters and is going strong.

From our readers: TG: … Dedicated Bike Lane – City of Evanston? Share the road? No bikes allowed – loading zone? Trucks welcome to park free. No Bikes allowed in bike lane. Handicapped parking? I only stop here 10 times a day.            – Tom Clark

From TG: Thanks for the pix, Mr. Clark. Even though your photos were taken a few years ago, the problem continues, as TG ipse has witnessed several times in the downtown area.

The Traffic Guy thinks …

… that, thanks to the owner/manager of the Fountain Square building and World of Beer, those “World of Beer” signs have been removed from the south side of the building. They seemed to degrade the solemnity of the adjacent Veterans Memorial Plaza in Fountain Square. Guess TG’s was not the only voice that protested their appearance.

… that this week it may really be time to slip into summer.

… that moving the Fourth of July parade to downtown Evanston would be a bad idea.

… that the 2013 ETHS graduates should get kudos from the entire commun- ity. Let’s help them all to their next steps.