By unanimous vote, the District 65 School Board approved the request from the magnet school committees to rename both District 65 magnet schools, as follows:

Dr. Bessie Rhodes School of Global Studies

Dr. Martin Luther King Literary and Fine Arts School

Among the core values of the strategic plan is “offering magnet schools and programs that provide educational options for our students .”  The Plan also identified a goal to determine the purpose and instructional programs of the magnet schools, which led to the formation of magnet school committees in 2009.  Their work brought a renewed focus for each school and recommendations to rename the schools to reflect their themed focus.  The schools have been promoting curriculum infused with their themed purposes, with the renaming as the last step in the process to bring these changes into the public’s view.  In keeping with board policy when considering renaming a District facility, efforts were undertaken to ensure ample opportunity for community input. 

“Changing the names of our schools is a decision that required the kind of reflective process undertaken to ensure that all stakeholders had an opportunity to participate,” said Superintendent Hardy Murphy, Ph.D.   And, he added “The new names of our magnet schools go a long way in helping interested families identify with the unique focus at each school.” 

The schools are planning renaming celebrations in the fall.   Special thanks to the magnet school committees for the continued commitment to the schools. Their commitment, along with that of all participating members of the school community, toward effecting the changes that refined the schools’ focus and re-defined the schools names will elevate public awareness about the unique options available at these schools.