Photo by  Mary Mumbrue

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FunvilleKiwanis,a collaborative effort between the Kiwanis Club of Evanston and Evanston Township High School, encourages students and community members to envision ideas for community improvement, with an emphasis on making these projects both enjoyable and sustainable.  This year’s winners were recently announced: Cynthia Barreto and Paola Oviedo, first-prize winners; and  ETHS studetns Rachel Kornbluh, Emma Maxwell and Reggie Murphy, second-prize winners.

Ms. Barreto and Ms. Oviedo suggested a Generations Park in the City, re-imagining an existing park to present activities appealing to all ages of park-goers. The ETHS students’ proposal, “A Spoonful of Sharing,” is a two-step outline to fight obesity. They proposed a Citywide meal-creating competition featuring a “best healthy recipe.”

David Chan, Technology Integration Specialist at ETHS, said both groups will receive a $200 prize for their efforts, with the money split among the participants.  Prizes and certificates of accomplishment were presented to the winners on June 4 in the teachers’ lounge of the high school. 

Pictured left to right in photo above are ETHS students Emma, Rachel and Reggie.