A ping-pong table is used to display home decorations at Paramour Bungalow. Hopefully it will become a tournamet table in the future.           Photo by Hannah Prokop

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Using a ping-pong table in the center of the store to display a chair, lamps and other home accessories is just part of what makes Paramour Bungalow different.

The store opened on June 1 at 812 Dempster St., next door to its sister company Red 7 Salon.

Co-owner Jason Hall says the message of the two stores is similar – Red 7 Salon is about enjoying your hair, and Paramour Bungalow is about enjoying your home and making sure it is a reflection of yourself.

“Evanston really needs this. They need something that is fresh and fun and colorful and vibrant and different,” Mr. Hall said, “and we’ve had a great reaction from it so far.”

The tagline of Paramour Bungalow is “We are the lover of your home,” Mr. Hall said. Paramour means lover and bungalow can mean home.

The concept of the store is having a little bit of something for every room in the house. They work with different artists, designers and vendors from places including Portland, Austin, Brooklyn, the United Kingdom, Lithuania and local vendors whose product cannot be found just anywhere, Mr. Hall said.

David Kafer, co-owner of Paramour Bungalow and Red 7 Salon, created some of the artwork for sale in the store.

Walking around the store, one can see products such as organic cleaning supplies, refurbished chairs upholstered in patterned fabrics and clocks made from parts of old bikes.

“We like to have a nice, diverse mix,” sales associate Trent Oldham said. Charles Bateman, sales associate, described the store’s products as “statement pieces for your home.”

The staff at Paramour Bungalow consists of one full time and two part time sales associates—much smaller than Red 7 Salon’s staff of around 40 people.

So far, balancing the two businesses, has been good, Mr. Hall said. “In starting a new business it’s always a challenge to have a good balance, particularly a good balance where you’re not forgetting your personal time and your personal health,” he said.

Another challenge Paramour Bungalow may face is that it is something different for the Evanston community, Mr. Hall said.

“It’s kind of the same philosophy that we hold at the salon, that we’re not right for everybody, and everybody’s not right for us,” Mr. Hall said.

As of now, there are no plans to expand Paramour Bungalow, but there are some plans for the ping-pong table.

“We’re going to have a ping-pong tournament towards the end of the summer so we’ll roll the ping-pong table out in the alley. …“It’ll be like a little party,” Mr. Hall said. Other functions in the future may include interior decorating and cooking lessons.

“It’s all about fun. Having fun in your home and having your home really reflect yourself,” Mr. Hall said.

Paramour Bungalow is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.