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Cook County officials recently mailed out about 1.6 million second-installment property tax bills for the 2012 property tax year.  New for Evanston taxpayers on their property tax bills is the Evanston   Library Fund tax levy.

The Evanston City Council created the Evanston Public Library Fund in 2012 and as a part of this creation the Library now has a  separate line on the tax bill, beginning with the second installment payable  in 2013. No tax levy increase occurred as a result of this separation of library funding from City funding.  
  As noted in the City of Evanston Code: “Effective January 1, 2013, the Evanston Public Library Board shall have the authority to formulate and approve the annual budget for the Library, and to determine the annual levy of taxes to be used for library purposes. The library taxes provided for   in this Chapter shall be levied by the corporate authorities in the amounts determined by the Board and the proceeds shall be deposited in the Library   Fund.” 

Throughout the state of Illinois, public libraries are supported primarily through local property taxes. The funding for the operations for the Evanston Public Library was previously included in the   City of Evanston’s portion of property tax bills; from this point forward the   Library Fund will be included as a separate line item on the tax bill.

Because the Library Fund did not have a tax levy paid in 2012, Cook County is levying/billing the full levy of 0.73% or $4.3 million on the second installment of the 2012 tax bills payable this August. Next   year’s Library Fund levy will be reflected on the two tax installment bills.

“Through the separation on the property tax bill, our residents will be able to review their support of the Evanston Public Library. I invite everyone to visit our website at and enter their library usage into our calculator to determine the value of our services, programs and materials which   result from their personal use of the Evanston Public Library whether in person or online,” said Library Director Karen Danczak Lyons.