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On July 7, the McGaw YMCA 5th Annual Youth Triathlon for students ages 7 to 14 was hosted by Evanston Township High School. This event was preceded by the required Pre-Race Expo on July 6 where participants picked up their race packets and had their bikes inspected. Triathlon clinics were held weeks in advance of the event with McGaw sports staff assisting the youth in mastering the elements of a Triathlon-swimming, biking and running.  The importance of physical fitness and nutrition were also a part of the clinic preparation.

The 5-6-year-olds competed in a “Splash and Dash” that consisted of a 50-yard swim and a 0.4-mile run; 7-10-year-olds swam 100 yards, biked 2.5 miles and ran 0.7 miles; 11-14-year-olds swam 200 yards; biked 4 miles and ran 1.5 miles. 

Lori Siegel, associate operating officer and senior director at the McGaw YMCA, said in an email that “there were 235 participants-the biggest year yet.” She also said that of the original group of Family Focus students (RoundTable, July 3), 27 of the 30 students, ages 8-11, participated, with one student having moved out of state.

This YMCA Youth Triathlon was part of the City of Evanston “Let’s Move Race Series” to encourage Evanston residents and their families to participate in healthy, physical activities.

There was such a positive feeling among the staff and the many volunteers throughout the McGaw YMCA 5th Annual Youth Triathlon. The focus, discipline and energy of the 235 students who trained for weeks and completed the triathlon is to be applauded.