Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky issued the following statement today, July 19, concerning the Republican’s passage of H.B. 5 dealing with education:

“Quality education is the key to success, which is why it is so disappointing that the Republicans brought to the House floor H.R.5 also called the “Letting Students Down Act” today, a bill that was passed without a single Democratic vote. 

“Our children deserve better from us. This bill would cut education funding by $1 billion next year. It eliminates accountability standards. It would increase the high-school dropout rate and reduce resources to help students learn English. It creates separate and unequal standards for students with disabilities. It cuts after-school programs and funding to support programs to keep students safe and healthy. 

“This bill is a disaster – which is why it is opposed not just by educational organizations like the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers but by over 50 groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities.   

“Fortunately, this bill isn’t going anywhere. It is time to stop playing politics with our children’s future and instead come together on a plan to provide quality education for all students.”