On July 24, Autobarn Evanston , LTD. and   the City of Evanston plan to announce the proposed new major automotive site at 222 Hartrey Ave., formerly the site of the Shure Brothers Company.At this time, this move is contemplated to accommodate   Autobarn’s expansion needs, with the goal of retaining all components of the   business within Evanston city limits. The City and Autobarn will work together over the coming months to ensure that this is feasible. 

Moving their automotive service centers to Hartrey Avenue will allow Evanston to retain a major business, give Autobarn more inventory space and help with traffic issues along Chicago Avenue.

“The addition of this major automotive center to Autobarn will serve as a vehicle preparation, storage and display center, as well as a centralized site for administrative operations,” explained Autobarn owner Richard Fisher. “This will massively free up space and reduce congestion at our Chicago Avenue locations. This new site will have the capacity for nearly 1,000 prepared used or new vehicles for storage or display purposes.”

The Autobarn first opened its doors in Evanston July 1, 1992, at a time when there were five other auto dealerships in Evanston. Today,   Autobarn remains the only dealership in Evanston and represents VW, Mazada and Nissan. They have remained in Evanston along the Chicago Avenue business corridor serving Evanston and the surrounding communities.