Starting the week of July 29, for nine weeks, contractors for the City of Evanston will be doing   street resurfacing work in seven areas around the city as part of the Capital   Improvement Plan III consisting of seven street segments listed below. 

The project involves curb replacement as needed, roadway base repair, replacement of asphalt surfaces from curb to curb and the replacement of selected sidewalk and   driveway aprons. As part of this project, a drop-off zone will be constructed   on east side of Prairie Avenue in front of Haven Middle School. 

The street resurfacing work is part of the city’s continuous program to renovate and   improve the roadways throughout the community. The funding for the project   will be from the city’s Capital Improvement Plan Fund. 

The locations included as part of this work will occur in the following order: 

Prairie Avenue   (Harrison Street to Central Street)

Prospect Avenue   (Colfax Street to Grant Street)

Wesley Avenue   (Foster Street to Dead End North)

Foster Street (Maple   Avenue to Sherman Avenue)

McDaniel Avenue   (Lee Street to Dead End North)

Dewey Avenue   (Mulford Street to Kirk Street)

Hartrey Avenue   (Howard Street to Dead End North)  

The actual date when construction is planned for each street will be noted on temporary NO   PARKING signs that will be posted 48 hours prior to the start of work.   The construction activities will create some inconvenience for abutting   residents, but workers will attempt to minimize these inconveniences.  Construction zone daytime NO PARKING restrictions will be intermittent   throughout the duration of the project; evening and night time parking (5:00   p.m. to 7:00 a.m.) will always be available. Street sweeping and/or neighborhood parking restrictions will be waived for a one-block radius around the construction zone when temporary daytime NO PARKING is in effect.   Any sprinkler system should be identified and marked with a flag by the property owner prior to the start of construction to prevent damage. 


The contractor for this project is A. Lamp Concrete Contractors, Inc., 1900 Wright Boulevard, Schaumburg, IL 60193. 


The project is under the supervision of the city’s Engineering & Infrastructure Division. The   Resident Engineer in the field will be Angeleo Alonzo Jr., who will be   directly responsible for all aspects of the construction. If residents should   have any questions or concerns, they can contact the Resident Engineer by   calling 3-1-1. Questions about the street project in general should be   directed to Sat Nagar, P.E., Senior Project Manager at 3-1-1.