The old saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Chicago, wait a few minutes,” has been in full swing the past few weeks.

Not only is this hard on those who live here, but it really is difficult when it comes to finding the fish.

When the weather is extremely hot the fish move to deeper, cooler water. When it cools off and we get some rain, water levels rise, and they move back into shallow water – then, as the water starts to recede, fish move back to the cover.

So depending on when one went in the last few weeks, some interesting decisions had to be made as to where to fish.

Those who fish Busse Woods found that the fish were everywhere but where they should be. When they adjusted, they had some reasonably good action – especially on largemouth bass, with the best results coming near cover.

The fishing on Lake Geneva had everybody fishing 18 to 25 feet deep off the points and weed lines, with the best results coming with night fishing. They were catching a lot of largemouth bass, along with a few walleye, crappie and rock bass.

The fishing on Lake Delevan also proved to be a deepwater bite with some very nice catches of bluegill in 20 to 27 feet of water along the weed edges. The bait of choice was small minnows on a small jig head.

The Mississippi River has been a challenge for the fishermen there, as water levels have been dropping rapidly – as much as 2 feet the past week – with the best results coming during lowlight conditions in and around lay-down areas.

This seems to be true in both Pool 9 and Pool 13 true to the river, where catches have been quite varied, with walleyes and catfish the predominant catches.

Up on the Fox chain, the water has been quite warm – 83 degrees – producing some good action near the bottom on small minnows with catches of walleye, stripers, bluegill and drum in 5 to 15 feet of water.

It looks like this is going to be a year of adaptive ability.

Those who can adapt to the changing conditions should have a pretty productive summer, if they keep to the old standby: If it doesn’t work try something new, try in a different location.

Until next time, keep a tight line.