The Pink Heals Tour” will   be in Evanston from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, August 7 to promote  women’s cancer awareness. The tour is marked by pink fire trucks and police   cars. The event will be held at the Evanston Plaza, located at the corner of Dempster St. and Dodge Ave. in Evanston.

Pink Heals Tour is the creation of Dave Graybill, a former pro athlete, retired firefighter and   philanthropist. It was created in 2007 to use public safety organizations to promote awareness of women’s battle against all cancers.

Join the tour, along with members of the Evanston Health, Fire and Police Departments, to learn   more about cancer prevention for women and to view regional pink fire trucks   and pink police cars. 

Services to be provided at the event:

•  IDPH-Center for Minority Health Services Wellness on Wheels will provide breast and   cervical cancer awareness information, HIV screenings, blood pressure screenings and blood glucose screenings;
  •  Erie Health Center will provide free health screenings, HIV screenings, blood pressure screenings and blood glucose screenings;
  •  The Heartwood Center will promote alternative cancer treatments, have practitioners available to do chair massage, talk about   treatment options and answer questions;
  •  Fingerprinting for children provided by Evanston Police Department;   and
  •  Food and fun for all ages.