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Being on Lake Vermilion in the arrowhead of Minnesota for the last five days, I am really enjoying the peace and tranquility here with no cell phone coverage or Internet. To send this article required driving into town (28 miles)to the library in Cook, Minn.

The lake levels up here are a little above normal for this time of year because they have had a lot of rain this spring and early summer. The evenings are cool (45 degrees), keeping the water temperatures in the high 60s, cool for early August. The usual patterns here are not working and I have had to switch to a “late June” pattern for most of my fishing.

The bass, both largemouth and smallmouth, have been very active the past few weeks. An old friend who was just leaving as I arrived said it was the “best bass fishing he has had here in 23 years.”  Needless to say, I was anxious to get on the water and find out for myself.  After unpacking for the rest of the vacation, I headed for the launch ramp with my boat. Within 20 minutes of launching I was in bass-fishing heaven. I had caught and released four really great smallmouth bass, the largest just under 5 pounds (4 pounds 12 ounces) and the others were over 3 pounds I knew I was in for some great fishing and was  hoping the walleye and the panfish would be as cooperative.

On the second day my wife and I went out late in the afternoon to try to locate a few bluegill spots, and did we ever. The small back bay 1/2 mile down the lake from our summer place was loaded with early season bluegill; we caught 65 in 90 minutes, kept 24 for a fish fry and released the rest because they were small.

I am off to fry some fish for dinner and then will go back to the lake for some walleye, I hope. Until next time, keep a tight line.

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