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The past two weeks of fishing on Lake Vermilion were just outstanding on many levels. The weather was just about perfect and the bugs were almost non-existent. The trip produced limits of bluegills, northern pike and walleye to take home to enjoy over the winter. Finally, contact with the wildlife was surreal: From the adult bald eagle flying in within feet of the boat to grab a fish just thrown back, to a wolf crossing the road just a few feet away in the middle of the morning, to the pair of young otters playing along the shore of an island nearby. It was difficult to pack up and return.

Some very distressing news has been announced by the Army Corps of Engineers and the Great Lakes Alliance that the movement of Asian Carp is closer to Lake Michigan than they had originally projected. The latest test shows the carp are spawning within 62 miles of Lake Michigan, which creates a great concern about the ability of the current barrier system to hold off the movement into Lake Michigan. The Army Corps is stepping up their timetable on a newer, stronger barrier, and is also looking at the possibility of a complete closer if necessary.

On to better news: The local fishing is still good but is slowing down from the summer peak. Lake Geneva is reporting a slowing of the night bite, with bass being the most active fish. Busse Lake is on again/off again – it just depends on the day. The Lake Michigan lakeshore fishermen report catches of bluegill, bass and rock bass, but no perch or salmon – it is probably a week or two yet before the salmon come in. Lovelace Park continues to surprise young anglers with nice crappies and bass among the bluegills and small catfish. There is still time to get out there and fish.

Until next time…keep a tight line.

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