Honoring retiring Sanitation Supervisor Glen Crabtree for his years of work in the City’s Public Works Department, the City presented him with models of two City trucks. RoundTable photos

Without appearing to race the clock City Council made it through an agenda of 16 items, four proclamations, three special recognitions and two special presentations in time for an executive session just before 10 p.m.

Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl’s proclamation recognized the 75th anniversary of Bennison’s Bakery, National Preparedness Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and the Chamber of Commerce’s Burger Wars and Salad Skirmish. City Council members bade farewell to retiring Sanitation Supervisor Glen Crabtree and thanked him for his work. Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl said she hoped “you’ll miss us as much as we will miss you.”

During the citizen comment portion of the meeting, Barbara Janes of Noparksale, the ad-hoc citizens group looking for ways to keep the Harley Clark mansion as a public asset, invited residents to a meeting on Sept. 18 to discuss future uses. (See note on page 4.)

Junad Rizki spoke of a recent article in the Wall Street Journal about universities that make regular contributions to their host cities. He said that as long as City Council “accommodates” Northwestern University, it will receive no remuneration.

Public Works Director Suzette Robinson presented information about the City’s street improvement program, including by-ward information about the resurfacing of residential streets, the number of square yards and lane miles resurfaced and the money spent. Capital improvement funds, motor-fuel tax (remittance) and water/sewer funds are the sources for most street-resurfacing programs, she said.

The City received a grant of $46,000 from Age Options to provide meals for seniors at Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center one day per week and at the Levy Center five days per week. Catholic Charities will provide the meals.

Stephen and Margaret Romm received the first vacation rental license from the City. They plan to remain on the premises but rent out one bedroom. Council members appeared happy that their procedure had been followed.

Economic Development grants went to Now We’re Cookin’ and to the West Village Business Association. Now We’re Cookin’ will receive $60,933 to “assist with the implementation of the formal food-business incubator program.” When the company received $35,000 last August to help create its incubator program, it was expected that these additional funds would be requested and received. The West Village Business Association will receive $7,875 for its projects.