Peace activists rally against authorizing military force in Syria.           Submitted photo

On Aug. 31, President Barack Obama announced that he would seek authorization for the use of military force in Syria from the people through their representatives in Congress. As Congressional leaders moved to schedule a vote, area peace and justice activists also moved quickly to lobby their Congressional representatives to vote “No” to a U.S.-led military intervention in Syria.

On Sept. 4, peace activists held a rally in front of Congresswoman Jan Schakow-sky’s Chicago office, and a group of representatives from the Northshore Coalition for Peace and Justice, Chicago Peace Action and Neighbors for Peace met later with the Congresswoman.

 Dickelle Fonda of the Northshore Coalition for Peace and Justice said, “During the meeting the Congresswoman shared that the calls to her office have been 20 to 1 against authorization for bombing.”

On Sept. 9, more than 100 persons attended a rally at Church Street and Maple Avenue to protest the possible bombing of Syria by U.S. forces. “People came to be present for one hour,” said Mary DeJong, one of the participants. Much of the world appeared to be holding its breath in hope for peace rather than war.