Boocoo Cultural Center, at the corner of Church and Dodge, hosted a book-signing event for the author of “The Resurrection of Alice,” Perri Gaffney on Oct. 3. Ms. Gaffney is not only an author, but also an accomplished actress and playwright. Her one-woman show based on the book is playing in Chicago at the eta Creative Arts Foundation at 7558 South Chicago Ave. until Oct. 20.

At Boocoo Ms. Gaffney also performed several powerful scenes from the story of Alice, a bright African-American teenager from a poor, rural family in South Carolina, whose plans for college and life are demolished by her parents’ ironclad arrangement for her to marry the family’s benefactor, the much older Mr. Luther Tucker.

Also present for the signing was Evanston resident Loretta Thompson-Cole, whose mother’s experience was the primary inspiration for both book and play. She and Ms. Gaffney have been friends for years since both lived in Cleveland and met through jobs at the same company. Though Ms. Gaffney now resides in New York, the two have kept in touch. Ms. Thompson-Cole – whose mother called her husband ‘Mr. Thompson’ for their entire marriage – was also willing to sign books, and watched with other attendees scenes Ms. Gaffney performed that might have been from her mother’s life.

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