The City of Evanston is preparing to make Evanston a friendlier place for its maturing population to live. As part of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Network of Age Friendly Cities program, the City of Evanston will be measuring its age-friendliness and investigating the assets and gaps in city services provided to its older adult population.

Age-friendliness will be measured by listening to residents and representatives from key agencies in the community. Findings will be included when formulating a three-year citywide action plan for implementation to make Evanston age-friendly.

This process will begin with community meetings to explain the Age Friendly Cities program to residents. Meetings are scheduled to be held in Evanston at the Levy Senior Center, 300 Dodge Avenue and Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center, 1655 Foster Street,   from October 19-23. Click here for a schedule of meetings and more information